Whether visiting for the weekend or calling their villa “home,” unabashed luxury is a standard. A selection of villa floor plans and designs specifically adapted to fit the club’s contemporary Spanish architecture is offered, or members can hire their own expert to create a truly extraordinary vacation home.

Villas are a member’s home-away-from-home — a place where they can store their vehicles and relax in pure luxury. The Thermal Club’s residential staff can prepare a villa before a member’s arrival, stocking the kitchen and attending to their every need. A magnificent, fully furnished garage with vaulted ceilings provides the perfect area to house their prized vehicle collection. The Thermal Club offers a variety of on- and off-track villa locations to choose from, with sites around the perimeter of our tracks and several plots that provide direct access to the Desert Circuit. Other locations will surround the Members’ Club, our full-service spa and athletic club.

Villas range in size from 8,000 to 15,000 square-feet, are three-to-five bedrooms, and include a large garage. With ceilings high enough to house a trailer or stack cars, garages encompass the size of the villa’s footprint and, depending on overall size, can store up to 15 vehicles. Those who opt for a mezzanine level inside their garage gain an elevated viewing gallery of their collection, as well as two additional rooms with picturesque views of our racing circuits.