Located between the South and North Palm Circuits at the eastern end of The Motorsports Village is The Tower Clubhouse, an ideal place for relaxation and gourmet indulgence.

Four stories tall and overlooking the entire facility, the main tower offers panoramic views with captivating views of the on-track action, along with the stunning scenery of Palm Desert and San Bernardino and Santa Rosa Mountains. Here members can have their vehicle fully serviced, tires changed and mechanics adjusted. Our on-site station offers both premium and high-octane gasoline, making refueling quick and easy. Members can also store their vehicles in the climate-controlled village garage for immediate trackside access when it's time to race.

Chefs create signature dishes throughout the day and can prepare any delicacy. A dedicated team of chefs, bartenders and waiters is ready to provide exceptional service and post-race cocktails in a moment’s notice at the club’s restaurant and bar.