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Apr 2018

4:38 pm

McLaren Launches 3 North American Track Programs for 2018

Original Article: The Extravagant

McLaren North America’s “Pure McLaren” program, will be offering both clients as well as interested buyers the opportunity to test out the automaker’s vehicles at three different locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Pure McLaren, which will be launching in 2018, will provide participants the chance to test both McLaren’s standard road vehicles as well as their “track only variants”. Spread across three events for the 2018 season, enthusiasts will have a few different opportunities to practice and improve their driving as well as racing skills for advanced participants.  Custom tailored services include personal driver coaching sessions with a professional driver, dedicated technical teams, driving analysis, a VIP hospitality set up, in addition to personalized hotel and circuit transfer handling.

Entry level packages start with coached sessions in the McLaren 570s over a half day period. More advanced options offer the McLaren owner the ability to drive their own vehicle around the circuit. However, our personal favorite is the Performance Academy Race Level 3 course which takes place over two and a half-days, and allows the participant to get behind the wheel of the ultra impressive McLaren 570S GT4 track car.

Program locations will include Le Circuit Mont Tremblant in Canada (June 2-4, 2018), The Thermal Club in California (October4-6, 2018), and Circuit of the Americas in Texas (November 7-11, 2018).

Images courtesy of:  McLaren Automotive Inc. North America

For further information, please email:  NAexperiences@mclaren.com